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TACC Dell/Intel Knights Landing, Skylake System (Stampede2)

Texas Advanced Computing Center

Resource Type: Compute

User Guide:

Recommended Use: Stampede2 is intended primarily for parallel applications scalable to tens of thousands of cores, as well as general purpose and throughput computing. Normal batch queues will enable users to run simulations up to 48 hours. Jobs requiring run times and more cores than allowed by the normal queues will be run in a special queue after approval of TACC staff. normal, serial and development queues are configured as well as special purpose queues.

Latitude: 30.384

Longitude: -97.7073

Production Dates: 06/13/2017 - 09/30/2023

Public URL:

Description: PLEASE NOTE THAT STAMPEDE2 WILL NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE AS OF JULY 1, 2023. If you require larger scale resources you should consider the leadership computing capabilities of Frontera Otherwise we are currently recommending PI's who are new to ACCESS to consider other resources. The Stampede2 Dell/Intel Knights Landing (KNL), Skylake (SKX) System provides the user community access to two Intel Xeon compute technologies. The system is configured with 4204 Dell KNL compute nodes, each with a stand-alone Intel Xeon Phi Knights Landing bootable processor. Each KNL node includes 68 cores, 16GB MCDRAM, 96GB DDR-4 memory and a 200GB SSD drive. Stampede2 also includes 1736 Intel Xeon Skylake (SKX) nodes and additional management nodes. Each SKX includes 48 cores, 192GB DDR-4 memory, and a 200GB SSD. Allocations awarded on Stampede2 may be used on either or both of the node types. Compute nodes have access to dedicated Lustre Parallel file systems totaling 28PB raw, provided by Cray. An Intel Omni-Path Architecture switch fabric connects the nodes and storage through a fat-tree topology with a point to point bandwidth of 100 Gb/s (unidirectional speed). 16 additional login and management servers complete the system. Stampede2 will deliver an estimated 18PF of peak performance. Please see the Stampede2 User Guide for detailed information on the system and how to most effectively use it.