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Open Storage Network (OSN)

Open Storage Network

Resource Type: Storage

User Guide:

Recommended Use: Cloud-style storage of project datasets for access using AWS S3-compatible tools. The minimum allocation is 10TB. Storage allocations up to 300TB may be requested via the XSEDE resource allocation process.

Latitude: 39.330021604840944

Longitude: -76.62052843022565

Production Dates: 04/01/2021 -

Public URL:


Access Description: Projects to which OSN storage is allocated are issued keys used to read and write data in OSN buckets using AWS S3-compatible tools, such as rclone, cyberduck, or the AWS cli. Access keys are valid for the duration of the project's allocation. A web interface is provided at for allocated project users to manage and browse their storage.

Sensitive Data: Allocated projects are responsible for all access keys, data protections and encryption required for their data stored on OSN resources.