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UD DARWIN Compute Nodes (DARWIN)

University of Delaware

Production Dates: 08/02/2021 -

Public URL:

Description: The Delaware Advanced Research Workforce and Innovation Network (DARWIN) computing system at the University of Delaware is based on AMD Epyc™ 7502 processors with three main memory sizes to support different workload requirements (512 GiB, 1024 GiB, 2048 GiB). The cluster provides more than 1 PiB usable, shared storage via a dedicated Lustre parallel file system to support large, data sciences workloads. The Mellanox HDR 200Gbps InfiniBand network provides near-full bisectional bandwidth at 100 Gbps per node.

Recommended Use: DARWIN's standard memory nodes provide powerful general-purpose computing, data analytics, and pre- and post-processing capabilities. The large and xlarge memory nodes enable memory-intensive applications and workflows that do not have distributed-memory implementations.

User Guide: