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Indiana Jetstream2

Indiana University

Production Dates: 10/01/2021 - 09/30/2025

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Description: Jetstream2 is a user-friendly cloud environment designed to give researchers and students access to computing and data analysis resources on demand as well as for gateway and other infrastructure projects. Jetstream2 is a hybrid-cloud platform that provides flexible, on-demand, programmable cyberinfrastructure tools ranging from interactive virtual machine services to a variety of infrastructure and orchestration services for research and education. The primary resource is a standard CPU resource consisting of AMD Milan 7713 CPUs with 128 cores per node and 512gb RAM per node connected by 100gbps ethernet to the spine.

Recommended Use: For the researcher needing virtual machine services on demand as well as for software creators and researchers needing to create their own customized virtual machine environments. Additional use cases are for research-supporting infrastructure services that need to be "always on" as well as science gateway services and for education support, providing virtual machines for students.

User Guide:

Gateway Recommended Use: Jetstream2 provides virtual machines and infrastructure that may be customized for Gateway use. All of the Gateway Support Attributes (including: Community Accounts, Data Collection Hosting for Gateways, Virtual Hosting of Gateways, Database Hosting,Web Service Hosting) are available on Jetstream2 though they require development. Jetstream2 only provides the framework for all of these services. Gateway developers are responsible for building and maintaining these services. Container orchestration and virtual clusters are also available services on Jetstream2.